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Pink Elephant Prank


Add a comment February 26, 2014

Cat Dons Bunny Hat

Watch this cat put on his bunny hat!!

Add a comment January 9, 2011

Santa Hates Me

If I could talk…I’d have a few choice meows for Santa……

And I want to know….just who asked for this for me?????

Add a comment December 30, 2010

Santa Paws

Who can resist this????

Add a comment December 23, 2010

Pink Horse Hat

Christmas isn’t just for people you know.  Horses want to dress up too.  You can order this hat just for your horse complete with openings for his or her ears and a strap to keep the hat on the horses head.  Of course, you’ll be getting a Chrismas list soon from your furry friend too!!!

Want to see more? Here’s the link –

Add a comment December 11, 2010

Lipstick Pooch

Lipstick?  What makes you think I got into the lipstick?  What lipstick?

Thanks Jen for this great photo!

Add a comment November 30, 2010

Cat House

What a nice cat house!  Now what were you expecting?  This house is one of many at the rescue cat ranch called Caboodle.  Take a look at this link and see all the good work they do. 

Want a cat house of your own?  Pet Palaces builds them and can build a pink one (or any color it looks like) just  for you.

Add a comment August 24, 2010

Pink Pig

No, it’s not a “People of Walmart” picture, but one from my travels someplace.  My Mother, God rest her Soul, was quite in a snit one day when at the Indiana State Fair, a “pink pig” had beaten out one of her prized antiques in the toothpick holder category.  Well, she didn’t EXACTLY call it a pink pig.  I do recall that my Baptist deaconess Mother called it “that G**D**ned pink pig” and she was quite in an uproar.  Mostly, we thought it was quite funny, which made her even angrier. I do believe after lunch the entire household emptied to the barn or other “pressing errands” because otherwise we would have split our sides laughing and to do that would have been to take our very lives in our hands. 

However, in our family, you never get away with something like that, and for the rest of her life, she was “gifted” with a series of pink pigs.  Pink pig plates, toothpick holders, many of them, vases, fabric, hotpads, towels, sweatshirts…….we always thought of Mom when we saw pink pigs…..and when you’re looking for them….pink pigs are everywhere!!!

1 comment July 28, 2010

Pink Chiwawa

Help, I’m trapped in the pink room.  I’ve been here so long I’m turning pink myself.  I’d be just tickled pink if you would rescue me!!!


Add a comment June 3, 2010

Pink Dinosaur

She certainly looks friendly.  I’m not sure where she lives or when I took this photo, but assuredly, you don’t want to miss that turn or you’ll wind up with hood ornament that really, really shouldn’t be pink.

2 comments May 10, 2010

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