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Pink Carpet

Pink Carpet

At the 2014 Who Do You Think You Are Conference in London….just in case you lose your way….


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Lake Hillier, Australia

lake hillier aus

Ever see a pink lake?  Well, now you have.  Looks a bit like Pepto-Bismol doesn’t it:)

In fact, here are a few more:

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Pink Flamingo Santas

You know there had to be some someplace……

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Who could look at this and not feel good?

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Schizophrenic House

This very large house, located on a dirt road in Michigan behind a locked gate, can’t decide whether it wants to be bright pink, blue or green.  For Heaven’s sake, pick one!

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Mickey D’s

McDonald’s restaurant in Kayenta, Arizona, on the Navajo reservation.  Thanks to Tom for contributing this photo taken while on vacation!!

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Toxic Sludge

This may look beautiful, but it’s not.  This is the red sludge left in the reservoir in Ajka, 164 km southwest of Budapest, Hungary, after the reservoir wall broke and flooded several Hungarian villages with toxic red sludge waste from an aluminum plant.  This ecological disaster is unparalleled.  It certainly begs the question of why this toxic sludge was allowed to exist in an open reservoir in the first place, poisoning the environment, animals and birds, an accident just waiting to happen.

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Breast Cancer Tree

October is breast cancer awareness month.  Few people are unaffected by breast cancer.  Eveyone knows someone who is a survivor or a victim.  Awareness is a woman’s first defense – both awareness of the disease and of her own body and what is normal. 

This tree stands in the lobby of the Comprehensive Breast Center, located in a pink house at the intersection of Clark and Hogback roads in Ypsilanti, Michigan. 

By adding a ribbon or card to this tree, you can celebrate victory, send a prayer for someone fighting the disease or honor a survivor or a victim.  Indeed, this a very special tree and stands year round.

Don’t be a willing victim – do your self-checks and get regular mamograms.  Don’t wish you had when it’s too late!

1 comment October 20, 2010

Pink Featherweight – Sewing to Kick Breast Cancer

My quest for a Featherweight like Bonnie’s brought me to this lovely little gem.  Not only is it pink – but it couldn’t be for a better cause.  The man who creates these few select pink machines donates part of the proceeds to breast cancer research in honor of his sister who succumbed to the disease.

So if you’re going to purchase a Featherweight, please consider a pink one.  You can see more about these machines, this project, and purchase this one right here:

1 comment October 13, 2010

Vending Machine

Gold Handcuffs, Miami’s Mondrian South Beach Hotel

Hotel gift shops—so passé. At this chic South Beach hotel, one full wall of the lobby is taken up by the Semi-Automatic, an enticingly mod, pink-purple vending machine. Some to-go items: a feather vest ($400), a $28 T-shirt emblazoned with the word recession, or, better yet, the 24-karat-gold handcuffs ($350). You can even buy a nearby condo, or rent a 1953 Cadillac DeVille convertible.

Price: Ranges from $10 to $1.2 million. For the super-high-end items—say, buying a car or condo—you pay a deposit, which you lose if you later opt out.  I so want to know how much of what has been sold.

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