AAA Tow Trucks

AAA is sending out pink tow trucks for breast cancer awareness.  Way to go AAA!!!


Add a comment October 1, 2012

Arizona Tower

Everything in this photo is a little pink…

Add a comment September 27, 2012

Pretty Pink Tractor

I just couldn’t resist this fun video….!

Add a comment August 8, 2012

Pink Flashmob

Want to see a pink flashmob?

Take a look here –|tvideo|article

And it’s for a great cause too – to raise money to fight breast cancer!

Take a look – this takes place on the courthouse lawn in Livingston County, Michigan.

Add a comment June 30, 2011

Flitty Flirty Flamingo

Add a comment March 25, 2011

Pink Thong – Gone Wrong

Hey – Have you seen my friend, “Implants Gone Wrong”?  She was just here yesterday…

Add a comment March 9, 2011

Implants Gone Wrong

I’m utterly speechless on so many levels…..

1 comment March 8, 2011

Feminine Protection

It’s all in how you look at things…..

Add a comment March 7, 2011

Camo Cap

From a flea market in the parking lot of a truck stop…..

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The Grandma Barbie

Hey, bet you didn’t know Barbie now comes in the Grandma version….

Add a comment February 27, 2011

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