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Kitty Car Deluxe

Is this car real?  Has to be British – the steering wheel is on the right.

What fun.  I’d drive it!!  And guaranteed, my granddaughters would ride along!


1 comment June 10, 2013

AAA Tow Trucks

AAA is sending out pink tow trucks for breast cancer awareness.  Way to go AAA!!!

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My Little Pink World

This looks like my bicycle from when I was 10 years old, except painted pink.

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Santa Loves Me Most

Hmmmm….must have been very, very naughty…….

Add a comment December 31, 2010

1937 Ford Motor Home


For those of you who have a motor home, ever owned a motor home, or just car buffs, take a look at this one.  Hard to believe that it is 73 years old!


 This is one of only six said to have been made per year in the mid-30’s at the Ford plant in St.Paul, Minnesota , according to an article on this car in a 1993 “Old Cars” magazine article.

Very few others–perhaps none – remain on the road, and certainly not in such amazing original condition.

When discovered in a garage (under a heavy cover) in Northern Minnesota in August 2001, she had only 19,000 miles, and the owner’s manual was actually still in the glove box in like-new condition! 

She had always been garaged and treated with ‘Much TLC’ as a collector vehicle. 

The interior, all wood lined, was still the way it appeared in the ’30’s and ’40’s, complete with framed photos (some in pink) of the original owner on his travels (mainly to Florida) and his cabin in the North Woods, plus and other memorabilia from the era. 

Notice the windshield lifts up from the bottom to provide flow through ventilation.

A peak inside: 

A slice right out of 1930’s, just as the original owner left it, complete with pink bedspread, picture frames, pillows and light. 


Thanks Jen for sending these photos and info!!


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Hello Kitty, the Car

The only difference between little girls and big girls is the cost of their toys???

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Pink Pick-Em-Up Truck

Yes indeed, in Hillville, Virginia, this is the best thing going to pick up gals.  After all, who could resist?

1 comment July 26, 2010

Pink Chevy in the “Hood”

Thanks to Cheryl for sending this yummy photo of this super Chevy from Toccoa, Georgia.  I would LOVE to take this car for a spin.  Yes indeedy.  Makes me heart beat fast just looking at it!!!

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Pink Ambulance

I bet people notice this rig in London, Ky.  Next, they are gettinga purple ambulance too.  I love it!!!  What a creative idea.  Thanks to Penny for sending this photo.

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Pink Caddy

A pink Caddy just says “class act” no matter what.  What a beautiful classic car.  This one can be rented, along with the chauffeur, of course, for special events.  (Can I be the chauffeur….pretty please!)  Weddings are most popular, but their portfolio also shows a photo shoot for a bank introducing a pink credit card, among other things.  However, you’ll need to live in, or visit, Donegal, Ireland, cause that’s where the Pink Caddy lives along with several other vintage cars.  Car junkies, wedding buffs and those just wanting to see something different and interesting will really enjoy this link….


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